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Welcome to my custom HTML website! This site is simple but could have many purposes. I want to share my digital art and programming code and also my thoughts on video games and open source software in general.

I am the author of many books Most of my writing involves themes around Veganism, Celibacy, and my own Transgender journey and seeing where life takes me. Whenever I am not messing around with computer programming or designing some form of art, I am writing or promoting my books in the hope that people will enjoy my books and I can earn a little extra money.

Email me: chastitywhiterose@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions for what I might do with this site.

Computer Programming Code

I have been computer programming since I was 14 years old on and off. I've used many programming languages including BASIC, JavaScript, C, C++, and briefly Java. I like all programming languages but my favorite is C. My best project is my Tetris Clone that uses OpenGL for the graphics. I'm proud of it because I wrote the entire thing without even looking at the source code of any other tetris games. It was all based on my experience playing actual Tetris games.

But after awhile I gave up on OpenGL and started using raylib for game development because it was a lot easier. The features grew and I chose the name Chaste Tris because it is a pure version of Tetris without the things that often ruin official game like high gravity or popup ads.

I know some JavaScript which allows drawing shapes directly to web pages with HTML canvas.

I have learned some very basic OpenGL and can now draw regular polygons to a window and even save them as a series of image files. I can combine various methods to make some types of animation.

Although I have written various things in the C Programming Language, I have never organized them into something other people can understand and use. In fact that is one of the major goals of this website. It will allow me to get my code organized as I add it to this site and write tutorials for how to use it. My Binary Bit Map project is one that I hope to explain how it works and why it's incredibly useful in making my style of animations, usually checkerboard related. For now I recommend you check out the sourceforge project which hosts the majority of everything I have written related to computer graphics.

Non programming things I have written.

I have written books and many blog posts which are available but not very organized into one place. You can read my book The Vow of Chastity

You may also enjoy my wordpress blog However it is very disorganized and contains a mix of my personal rants and programming discoveries.

You may also learn me about me by reading my small autobiography.

Hopefully there will be more exciting content on this website in the future. It's only a matter of time collecting the best of the things I've done over the years.

This site was custom built with HTML. I learned to use HTML from